Band adjustment

Our team can size your watch prior to shipment so it arrives ready to wear!

Giving as a gift? Don’t worry, our watches can be easily sized by you or any jeweler or watch shop.

All the links that have been removed will be included with the watch, so in the event you have to add a link you will be able to add it without a problem.


Follow these steps to get a precise measurement of your wrist.

  • Measure your wrist using a flexible measuring tape, piece of paper or a string.
  • With a rope, wrap the rope to your wrist tight and then make a mark on it. Measure the rope length from zero scale to the marked position with a ruler.
  • Do not add extra unless you want a loose fit. We will add the correct amount for a great fit.
  • Just add the measurement in the note section when you order and we will do the job for you.